AHK Law Office

Advice and Counsel

One of the most important and vital services our Firm provides to its clients is advice and counsel. We assist clients in anticipating and complying with the legal requirements affecting the conduct of their daily affairs. The practice of "preventive law" is crucial for all clients. Our attorneys are experienced in advising business clients, policyholders, and others in drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts and in working with professionals to ensure the clients' needs are properly serviced and their interests protected.

Advice and Counsel includes

  •  All aspects of commercial, business, insurance, bankruptcy and real estate representation throughout California.
  • Our firm has the expertise to counsel small startup companies or fortune 500 corporations.
  • In an increasingly litigious society it is critical that your business be proactive and practice preventative law to limit liability and ensure compliance with an ever expanding set of rules and regulations. Our Firm can provide assistance to you.