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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternatives to Litigation

Adleson, Hess & Kelly has some of the best litigators in the state, recognized by their peers and a multitude of awards. But, court litigation is not always the best solution for our clients. The costly, intrusive, and time-consuming nature of litigation has created a strong demand for alternate dispute resolution that avoids the negative aspects of litigation. The Firm's attorneys actively pursue opportunities for alternate methods of dispute resolution that are appropriate to our clients and to the problems with which they are confronted.


Potential litigants have become increasingly amenable to mediation as a method of resolving disputed claims. The primary advantage of mediation is that it provides an opportunity to achieve an innovative, negotiated resolution, rather than one that is imposed by a third party. Mediation as a means of alternate dispute resolution is frequently required in commercial contracts. Our attorneys have successfully resolved many contractual, real estate, insurance and personal injury disputes for our clients through mediation.


Business entities frequently require private dispute resolution in their contracts. A common method of doing so involves the use of arbitration as an alternative to taking it to court and paying for expensive litigation. The contractual terms can limit access to the court system, limit types of damages, modify statutes of limitations, restrict the use of intrusive and costly discovery, and provide for speedy resolutions of disputes. Our attorneys have extensive experience with all forms of contractual and judicial arbitration.

Alternate Dispute Resolution procedures will involve our attorneys pursuing the most creative, robust and cost effective approach to solving our client's problems.